Rihanna ‘Diamonds’ by Hayden Williams

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Think before you speak…

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Raúl Guerra – An Eclectic-Mutilayered Traditional Artist

This week’s featured artist is not African but has great interest in African people(s) and culture. Raúl Guerra refers to himself as an eclectic-multilayered traditional artist in possession of a computer, which he uses to keep in touch with the ever-evolving digital world.

Born in the Spanish province of Málaga, Ronda, he spends most of his time drawing, painting, designing, and creating new love/light-formulas. For him, art pertains to every important aspect of his life.

Raúl wasn’t able to isolate the type of art he does but says: “it all coincides with and lies within my perpetual search for extreme beauty as a personal idea. That is, not just the edges of beauty as a concept, but the essence of beauty itself. Therefore yes, Africanized artworks, Fantasy stuff, Realism, children books are the areas my work shows most interest.”

Rise Africa interviewed Raúl to explore his digital art world on his “African Woman Series” creations and here is what he had to say…

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The crowns!!!

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Inside My Head - Fashion/Vintage lovers, from Paris.

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